There is an office job that I have applied for. I have been sacrificing so many white males to get the job, I’ve had to import them from England.

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    OP is straight and white uhhhhhhh
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    Do you have fake raybans fused to your skull? She’s obviously just really bad at sacrificing people.
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    maybe it’s because you’re incompetent and a PR disaster waiting to happen?
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    HAHA ME AND MORGAN JUST LOL’D HARD! I like the last comment… ”..that isn’t you…” FUCKING PEED. -Liv
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    Clearly she’s totally secure in her convictions, which is why she blocks people who have or are likely to call her out...
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    lol what even is this brb becoming a serial killer that preys on men who looks eerily similar to my father
  12. traversant said: Good luck!! :)